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In a house full of boys, we can never have enough things with wheels.  I received a PlasmaCar to review and it is loved by all of my boys!  This really is a toy for everyone.  And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE.  Even parents can ride on it!  I have even seen my husband ride on it, even though he is a little tall for it, it’s neat that he could ride it if he wanted to!  My boys range from 7 to 1 and while my 1 year old can’t really make it go, he loves sitting on it and being pushed by his big brothers.

When our PlasmaCar arrived, it came in a few pieces, so assembly is required.  But, I will say that it really isn’t too much assembly, which is always a big plus in my book!  You will need a mallet or hammer and a screwdriver to put it together.  It is fairly easy (and quick!) to put together.  I think it took my husband about 10 minutes to put it all together and maybe a few minutes longer than that to ensure that the steering wheel was tight enough.  If you need a little more assistance in putting it together, PlasmaCar has great videos on their website (here), as well.

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You can tell that it a well made toy just by looking at it.  Not only is it sleek and well designed, it is really sturdy while managing to be light weight at the same time.  It has withstood 4 little boys and a 6’1″ grown man riding it around for a couple of weeks and it still looks completely brand new!

It’s hard to explain how exactly you make the PlasmaCar go, because there is more than one way to do it.  My kids tend to just wiggle and move the steering wheel and it works for them.  It is all based on turning the wheel, moving your hips and leaning.  The design, based on inertia and gravity is really a great one because it doesn’t require any electrical power.

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One thing I love about the PlasmaCar is how versatile it is.  Not only is it able to be used by a large range of ages, but it can go fast or slow, all depending on how it’s being ridden.  And my one year old has even started to move his feet along on the floor to move the PlasmaCar along.

I will say that the PlasmaCar does not work well on grass or gravel or overly bumpy surfaces.  We had no problem maneuvering it in our driveway or the street that we live on.  It isn’t recommended to use the PlasmaCar on wood floors, as the wheels can damage the floor. You really can’t go wrong with a PlasmaCar!

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You can learn more about the PlasmaCar here and find more amazing PlaSmart Toys here.

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  1. That looks like so much fun!!

  2. Rachael Dailey says:

    We would love to win this, the kids have been asking for one!

  3. Natalie Lannatewitz says:

    The boys used them at Dutch Wonderland and had such a blast

  4. My niece would love a PlasmaCar. She’s so energetic and loves being outdoors.

  5. My nieces would love the Plasmacar! 🙂

  6. Anne Sweden says:

    My 4 boys would love it!

  7. my granddaughter

  8. My granddaughter

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