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Cloth diapering has become a sort of passion of mine and I am always looking to try new brands.  I was given the chance to try a Buttons Diaper and am so excited about it!

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First of all, I just have to say how nicely packaged everything was when it arrived!  It truly made it feel like I was receiving a present and I am definitely a stickler for presentation.  I loved it!

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Buttons Diapers are an all in two diapering system.  There is a one size PUL (polyurethane laminated) cover that can be adjusted to fit babies and toddlers from 9-35lbs.  The cover is easily adjusted with rise snaps to ensure that you’re getting a great fit for your baby.  Their inserts come in two different sizes, small for babies 9-20lbs and large, for children 20-35lbs.  The inserts easily snap onto the inside of the cover, one snap in the front and one snap in the back.  One side is fleece and the other side of the insert is microfiber.  The fleece is really super soft, ensuring a comfortable fit for your baby.  The inserts are also really, really absorbent.  Another amazing feature these diapers have is double gussets.  I love these gussets because they really make sure that there are no gaps between the diaper and baby’s legs, so you don’t have any leaks!

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One of the big appeals of cloth diapering is all of the fun colors and prints!  And I really love the prints and colors that Buttons Diapers offer.  The cover we tried out was in the Sherwood print which I absolutely love!  It is trendy and super cute!  I am also a really big fan of their Afternoon Tea print and their Jack Frost print is perfect for the holidays or winter in general.

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And one thing I love about this diaper is that when the baby needs to be changed, all you have to do is unsnap the liner, snap in a new one and put it back on your babe!  You can get multiple uses out of one cover before needing to wash, typically, unless the cover is soiled.  So this means you don’t need as many covers, which means less money you need to spend!  They also have night time doublers that snap in-between the cover and the daytime insert, for increased absorbency, which is awesome!

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I tested this diaper out with my 16 month old son, who is a really heavy wetter.  The fit is awesome and there were absolutely no leg gaps.  He is about 25lbs and therefore we used a large sized insert with our cover fully unsnapped, for reference.  The liner is super absorbent, I was pleasantly surprised by how much it held.  Upon taking the diaper off of my son one time, one snap unfortunately ripped through the front of the diaper.  I contacted Buttons and they were really quick to get back to me and very sweet!

Buttons Diapers  has a great 90 day money back guarantee if for some reason you are unsatisfied with your diapering purchase.  They will even pay for the return shipping of your diaper!  That is great customer service!

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We love our Buttons Diaper and I will definitely be adding some more to our stash for their ease of use, reliability and overall cuteness!

You can learn more about these amazing diapers and purchase them on their website here and be sure to connect with Buttons Diapers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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