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If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I love the adult coloring book trend that’s going on.  I’ve always loved coloring and being creative – what can I say, it runs in the family!


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I typically color with colored pencils, but had heard of people using gel pens for their intricate adult coloring books.  So I jumped at the chance to review this Jewelescent set of 48 gel pens from US Art Supply.  I have tried quite a few products from US Art Supply and I have always been very pleased with their products.  This product wasn’t any different!


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First of all, this set comes with SO many colors!  And they are all so vibrant and lively.  It includes neon colors, pastel colors, metallic colors, swirly colors and my personal and absolute favorite – glittered colors!  The metallic colors are gorgeously shiny and the glittered colors shimmer with lots of glitter!  The swirly pens are also fun as they switch between two different colors as you write.  They come in 4 separate boxes, so they’re easily organized by type or color – whatever your heart fancies.  I personally like them all together in the big box so I can easily dump them out and sort through them.  But I know lots of people like organization and being neat, so I imagine that’s a big plus for most people.


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The pens write smoothly and effortlessly.  There aren’t any globs or times where there isn’t much ink coming out of them, like what happens with other types of gel pens at times.  I love the selection of colors.  I used them to write a couple of notes, which is fun.  I have also used them in my planner, which makes it even more colorful and fun!  But, my favorite thing to use them for is my coloring books, specifically my Lost Ocean coloring book which I love to make bright, shiny and glittery with these pens.  Coloring an image from this book does take a few hours and one thing I love about these pens in that the ink dries quickly and doesn’t smudge as I’m coloring for long periods of time.  And I love that the tip of these pens are really thin, making it easy to color in small spaces.


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I love these pens and am looking forward to writing our my Christmas cards with them!  And they make wonderful gifts as well!

The Jewelescent Gel Pen Set is available for purchase here.


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