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There really isn’t any more fun than a tent when you’re a kid!  I vividly remember playing in tents with my sister when I was young.  And my boys love tents as well!  They will play with them for a couple hours before moving onto something else.

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I received the House-O-Fun and the Tunnel-O-Fun tents to review.  These tents are really well made.  They have withstood use from 4 boys for over a week now and still are in great condition.

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The Tunnel-O-Fun is a tunnel that has little that kids can crawl through.  It has petal-shaped fabric over the edges of one opening.  The opening on the opposite side can be just a circular opening or the tunnel also comes with a little door that is able to be attached by a small velcro tab.

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The House-O-Fun is a cube shaped pop up tent that has 3 circular openings, each on a different side of the tent.  One opening has fun multicolored streamers hanging from it and the other two are just plain circular openings.  It also comes with a little door that can be attached to any of the three openings with a small velcro tab.

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I have to say that my favorite feature of these tents is that they connect together.  I really think it is my kids’ favorite feature as well.  It is double the fun, for sure!  To connect them, all you have to do is put one end of the Tunnel-O-Fun into one of the openings of the House-O-Fun.  It’s really simple to do!  If my kids get out one of these tents, they always get out the other tent and connect them together.  They never play with just one.

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Cleanup is really simple with these tents!  They fold up and are easily stored behind a bookshelf or under a bed.  I love that they don’t take up much room when folded up!  And it is really easy to fold them up as well!  The Tunnel-O-Fun just gathers together to form a ring and it has 3 areas of velcro to secure it so that it stays folded.  The House-O-Fun tent is only slightly difficult to fold up, but there are good instructions on how to do so.  It folds up into a square rather easily, but you can fold it further by slightly twisting it into a circle and it will stay folded by itself.

The Tunnel-O-Fun and the House-O-Fun are available for purchase at Target stores and select specialty stores.


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