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B. Toys by Battat are definitely unique toys.  They are easily recognizable by their fun, bright colors.  We have our share of B. Toys in our home and I have always been impressed with the quality of these toys.  There are a few things of theirs that we have had for 5 years or more and they still look brand new after being played with by four boys – that is pretty awesome!  And my kids love them!  They really are toys for all age ranges as my one year old enjoys them and even my seven year old as well!

I received a Happy Go Puppy toy and a Ribbit-Tat-Tat toy.

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Photo Nov 24, 2 45 38 PM

The Happy Go Puppy is a classic wooden pull toy with some fun, modern updates.  First of all, I love the design of the puppy.  It looks like a Bulldog and is really cute!  It just isn’t a type of dog that you’d normally see on a toy like this – it’s a bit unexpected and I love that!  The wheels have a little rubber ring around them, which is genius, really, because with their addition, the toy doesn’t make a crazy amount of noise when it’s being pulled around on wooden floors.  And as a mother, I greatly appreciate that!  Another fun feature is the dog’s tail.  It is a short rubbery piece with a wooden ball at the tip.  And when you pull the puppy really fast, it looks like it’s wagging it’s tail – super cute!


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The Ribbit-Tat-Tat is an electronic drum toy.  This toy really has it all.  The design is bright and fun.  It’s disguised as a frog and has frog like features throughout.  It comes with two different colored drumsticks that look like frog feet at the ends.  There is even a couple little slots where the drumsticks click into place for storage.  And it actually holds the drumsticks really well, which I love.  You can play with it in so many different ways. You can use it as just a normal electronic drum set on the drum setting or you can change the sound of the drums to match certain music styles such as rock, world, electro pop, urban and even a fun frog style!  The drums light up with every beat, which is fun!  There’s even a fun elevated lillypad cymbal!  You can hit the music note button to play some nursery songs.  The “catch me” button starts a game when pressed.  The drum pads will light up as a fly appears on them.  You have to catch each fly by drumming on that drum pad.  It gets harder as you go on, which is fun – even as an adult!  Your child can also record themselves and play back their recordings as well!   I know this is a favorite with my kids.  As a mom, my three favorite features of this toy are the power button (yes!  some toys to not have power buttons, and I am thankful that this one does!), the volume knob and the drumstick storage.  I have to say that B. Toys really thinks about both parents and children while designing their toys and I love that about them!  These toys are such quality toys that can be enjoyed by all!

You can find these toys and others at Target stores and select specialty stores.


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