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My soon to be five year old absolutely loves cats.  He loves all animals, but he loves cats especially.  Unfortunately, he inherited my allergies and we are both allergic to them.  So he was really excited to receive this robot Zoomer Kitty to play with!

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All four of my kids were so excited to turn on this kitty.  The kitty worked for only a few minutes upon opening the box before needing to be charged, so I recommend charging it before giving it to a child.  It has a simple USB plug and gets a full charge in about 60 minutes.  I love that it’s quick to charge!  It’s also really easy to see when it’s done charging as the eyes change color.  They will be red while still charging and turn green when the kitty is done charging.  My boys quickly understood this and would yell with excitement when they noticed the kitty’s eyes had turned green.

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The kitty has an on/off switch on it’s belly and it also has a button on it’s back that has a few purposes, one of those being a “wake up” feature.  If the kitty is left on for a period of time, it will automatically go to “sleep” and can easily be woken up using the back button.

Once it’s awake, the kitty will purr and meow and even growl a bit, depending on how it’s feeling. You can also tell how it’s feeling by watching it’s eye color.  When she’s feeling loving her eyes will appear purple or pink.  She will purr and will respond with more purring when you rub her touch sensors on the top of her head, ears and cheeks.  When her eyes are blue, she’s in the mood to play and will follow your movements or her ball (which comes included).  Her eyes will also turn yellow when she’s about to pounce!  And sometimes she gets angry, and her eyes will turn red and she might growl.  You can also press the button on her back to make her do tricks!  She will sing, dance, breakdance and my kids favorite – go up on her hind legs among other things!

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My kids absolutely LOVE the Zoomer Kitty.  It is an absolute favorite in our home.  When the Kitty isn’t charging, someone is playing with her.  Always.  So, you can just imagine how much testing we’ve done with this kitty.  And I have to say that she holds up really, really well!  After a couple of weeks of being played with by 4 young boys, one of those being a toddler who is rough with toys, I have found no flaws.  She’s not scratched up or broken in any way.  Her tail does come off, but it is easily put back on and wags as usual.  The one and only thing I think that could be improved is her charge life.  She lasts for about 40 minutes of continuous play on a full charge and my boys are always disappointed when she has to be plugged in.  I have to say that this kitty is made with great quality and I’ve been really impressed with it.


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