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I’ll honestly admit – I am normally really bad about my skin care.  I have been known to go to bed with makeup on and use *gasp* plain old bar soap to wash my face.  The last few years I have really been trying to give it some more care as I’m getting older.  Now I have so many face products and to be honest, it all confuses me as there is SO much out there! I’ve gotten somewhat better at caring for my skin, but I still dislike having to use so many products for my skin.  When I was given the opportunity to test out Nerium’s night cream, I was beyond excited as it replaces so many other skin products.  I’m really excited to share my results after using it for a month!


But first, let me give you some background information on Nerium.

Nerium is plant based and very natural.  It uses the plant nerium oleander, hence the name Nerium.  While nerium oleander is the key ingredient, aloe vera is also an ingredient.  I love that it is plant based and not tested on animals!  Here is a video that shows a little bit more about the science of Nerium:


Nerium was discovered through biotech and cancer research.  Because of this, they donate 30% of their profits right back to cancer research!  I think that is simply amazing.

Now I’ll get onto my personal experience with Nerium.  I began using it in the middle of August.  The application is a bit different from any night cream I have used before – but then again, I haven’t tried much.  Before heading to bed, you first wash your face.  While it is still wet, not dripping wet, but still rather wet, use 4-5 pumps of Nerium and smooth over your face and neck.  As it dries, you’ll feel it tighten up, almost like a mask.  When you put it on, you can definitely feel it working it’s magic!  It’s a slightly tingly feeling.  I like that, because I really feel like it’s doing something.  As you sleep, Nerium is working hard on your skin.  It also softens as you’re sleeping, so you don’t feel as if you’re wearing a face mask all night.  When you get up in the morning, simply rinse it off.  You’ll definitely notice how amazingly soft your skin is after rinsing!

After using Nerium’s night cream for 5 weeks, I have definitely noticed changes in my skin!  The first thing I noticed was how soft it was, almost immediately!  I also had sunburn twice while using this and it helped heal it so much faster than it would have on it’s own.  Also blemishes!  I have felt big pimples forming and Nerium got rid of them before they were even really visible.  I will say that within the first two weeks of using it, I did see an increase in blemishes, but since then, it hasn’t been an issue and I’ve seen a decrease in my usual amount of blemishes.  Now, for the big results!  Since turning 30 this past summer, it’s like I’ve automatically become more aware of lines, wrinkles, pores and bags.  I had a fine line across my forehead which you can clearly see in my before pictures.  That is pretty much gone now.  I also had a few lines under my eyes when I smiled and now there aren’t nearly as much.  I also noticed the bags under my eyes are much smaller and my dark circles aren’t so dark anymore.  I also had a chronic dry skin issue on my chin that has cleared up nicely!  I was blown away when I compared my before and after pictures!

Photo Aug 18, 11 04 37 AM copy Photo Aug 18, 11 05 08 AM copy

Photo Sep 22, 10 09 45 AM copy Photo Sep 22, 10 10 34 AM copyPhoto Sep 22, 10 11 09 AM copy

I have never followed through with using a night cream consistently before this.  But now, I find myself looking forward to using nerium every night!  I am loving my results after just 5 weeks and I can wait to see what else Nerium can do for my skin after longer use!

Nerium also has some awesome deals going on for their products.  You can sign up for automatic delivery for a big discount.  Or you can refer 3 friends to Nerium and receive your products for free!  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t fully love your Nerium products, you can get your money back.

You can visit Ashley Rutledge’s Nerium Site here to learn more and purchase Nerium products.

And you have a chance to win a bottle of this amazingness right here!

Nerium AD Night Cream Giveaway


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