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My husband and I recently decided to start doing family movie nights.  And lately our three year old has really been into Halloween.  He’s always talking about it and watching videos with Halloween themes on You Tube.  So, we decided to start with The Nightmare Before Christmas as it’s one of our favorites from our childhood.

And if you know me, you know that I love a theme.  And I love Halloween and spooky, creepy things.  So I thought, why not do a themed movie night!  I immediately turned to AllRecipes for some spooky ideas and found some pretty amazing ones!  I didn’t go all out, but I did make a couple special treats for us to enjoy as we watched our movie.

I made these bone shaped meringue cookies:

Photo Aug 27, 5 13 28 PM

Meringue Bones Recipe

I thought they turned out pretty well.  They were fairly easy to make.  I think I probably could have beaten the egg white mixture to be slightly more stiff which would have made for better piping and prettier bones, but I still think they turned out pretty cute.  And they were really tasty, too!  They were such a fun treat, my boys kept asking for more “bones”.  =)

And I also made this Witches Brew:

Photo Aug 27, 7 11 41 PM

Witches Brew Recipe

This is a really simple recipe that is so easy to make and yet it’s really good and fun!  I used Sprite and Lime flavored sherbet mixed together.  Unfortunately, my sherbet was white, rather than the lime green I was hoping for.  Luckily, I had some green food coloring handy, so I added in 4 drops of that and – voila!  Instant Witches Brew.  It bubbles up really nicely and I actually that the white sherbet made it look even bubblier, so it ended up working out to my advantage – although I’m sure lime green sherbet would be even creepier looking!  It had a really great taste and my boys LOVED this!

Photo Aug 27, 7 27 00 PM Photo Aug 27, 7 28 41 PM

We had such a good time enjoying a Halloween classic and some spooky treats!  Our boys are still talking about it the next day and are still asking me for more “bones” to eat!

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