Unboxing Ju-Ju-Be Perky Toki BRB

As you know, I’m a mom.  My boys are younger and carrying a diaper bag is a must.  My absolute favorite diaper bag brand is Ju-Ju-Be.  Ju-Ju-Be has really figured out what moms want!  With machine washable (that right there might be my most favorite feature) teflon fabric, SUPER cute prints, crumb drains (so the crumbs don’t get stuck, they just fall right out!), bright lining so you can see the inside of your bag, amazing organization options, memory foam change pads, tech pockets, mommy pockets…the list seriously goes on and on.  If you’ve never tried a Ju-Ju-Be bag, you need to get your hands on one right now!

My favorite print right now is their newest and highly anticipated Perky Toki.  It’s kind of a re-release of their very popular and now HTF (hard to find) Toki Perky print.  The two are slightly different from one another, the main difference being the interior and zipper colors.  As it’s somewhat of a large print and has quite a few different characters on it, print placement is really a very big thing, which makes unboxing even more exciting for me.  So, here’s my unboxing video:


  1. MamaSmith says:

    I love this! 🙂

  2. Do you not love Perky Toki? I have a quick I got to go with my Toki Perky hobo. I was excited when it released because a quick to use in my hobo, but couldn’t afford the inflated prices on BST

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